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We are delighted to announce that we have  been presented with the We’re Good To Go certification. The accreditation is the official UK mark to signal the efforts put in place by our team, and shows that as a business we have worked hard to follow Government and industry COVID-19 guidelines. It also confirms that we have appropriate processes in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing.


Good To Go

“Despite the shopping challenges involved, and four months after my stay at Grayshott, the benefits of the change in my eating habits seem incontrovertible. I eat as much as I want and am never hungry. I’m filled with energy, and I have lost a stone, taking me back to the weight I was before the onset of the dreaded middle-aged spread.”

Financial Times

“The focus is on lifestyle change rather than a quick fix – so you’ll get a call before you arrive from one of the health consultants to find out your goals and then a follow-up consultation”.

OK magazine

“The Managing Diabetes programme at Grayshott caught our attention. Grayshott’s heartland has long been the digestive system, so when their gut-restoration programme showed a huge fall in their guests’ blood sugar, it made perfect sense to up their game in that department. We booked in together.

Grayshott is a comfortable place. It felt like no one was judging us: we could slop around in dressing gowns and the food was deliciious. Walks in the woods were part of therapy – as was laughter, which crept up unexpectedly in the relaxed atmosphere. But best of all were Stephanie Moore’s (Clinical Nutritionist) words which continued to ring in my now non-smoking and less-stressed husband’s ears long after we left: ‘I don’t doubt that you will reverse your diabetes’.”

Tatler Spa Guide

“For those diagnosed, or who feel are at risk, health expert Kaye Osborne and her team have designed a 4 night managing Diabetes residential programme at Grayshott”.

The Lady

“At Grayshott Health Spa gut health is addressed in the award winning 7 day Heath regime with nutritional, health and fitness consultations, a prescribed diet, education programme and therapeutic spa treatments. Several thousand guests have been on the regime, with significant weight loss and health benefits consistently recorded”.

The Cromwell Hospital magazine

“City slickers in need of a serious health reboot have long been known to head to Grayshott Spa (just an hour from London) for a nudge in the right direction. You’ll leave a happier, healthier, fitter you”.

Conde Nast Traveller

“Guest’ hunger for nutritional knowledge and spa cuisine is being fed at Grayshott Health Spa with a new ‘regime’ that is revitalising the great British spa break.

Grayshott’s traditional health spa offering earned a mention in the 2015 Conde Nast Traveller Readers’ Awards Top Destination Spas Worldwide. In addition, the ‘regime’ has firmly established it as a centre of excellence for gut health and was named ‘Best Wellness Programme’ by The Good Spa Guide, complemented by a Spa Traveller Award for ‘Best UK Spa Cuisine’.

European Spa

“If you’re serious about adopting a healthier lifestyle, elegant Grayshott provides a wonderfully intense week-long regime to kick-start your journey. This week is all about you and restoring your gut health, so expect personal nutrition consultations, blood analysis, therapeutic massages, hydro baths, healing compresses and a bespoke meal programme, with a post-retreat maintenance plan to keep you on track at home”.

Breathe magazine

“Just an hour outside London, this country house, set in 47 verdant acres, boasts and impressive history as the form home of Tennyson; and its week-long Gut Gastronomy programme also looks to the past and Hippocrates’ theory that ‘all disease begins in the gut’.

As the Nutritionists explain, robust health can be attributed to a gut that’s packed with good bacteria, which allows the body to assimilate nutrients properly, keeping bloating to a minimum and allowing the immune system to function at its optimum”.

Porter magazine

“Grayshott has been dieting and detoxing its clients into newfound svelteness and wellbeing for more than 50 years., decades before spas became a thing. Set in a beautiful red-brick Victorian mansion that looks as if it should have had an EM Forster novel named after it – in fact it was home to Tennyson for a while – Grayshott has an old-world grandeur that you don’t usually find in spa-land. Yet it comes with all mod-cons too, including an indoor and outdoor pool”.

Grayshott is well know for its ‘Health Regime’, which can be booked for a minimum of a week and is built around a ‘semi’fasting’ diet dsigned to renegerate the digestion.

The Times

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