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The Regime does not mean abstinence from eating or being deprived of food, often programmes prescribed by other clinics.

It means not eating certain foods that can irritate the intestinal lining.

The regime is a health promoting, restorative and varied diet which has some similarities to a Mediterranean diet. The main focus of the programme is to promote the health of the microbiome (healthy microbes in the gut) and eliminate/reduce certain foods that can irritate the intestinal lining. Digestive health is known to have an impact on physical, emotional and mental health. You will be delighted at how easily this balanced way of eating can be incorporated into your lifestyle.


Our approach is to provide maximum impact on the body’s digestive processes. This is a ‘prescriptive’ program and we recognise that everyone is an individual – to find out if this is suitable for you, we arrange a pre-arrival consultation, during which time you will be asked to identify your gut issues, any allergies or food intolerances.
All foods are tailored to take pressure off of your digestion system, allowing it to rest and heal. The focus is on the renewal of the lining of the gut and replenishing the billions of healthy gut flora that live inside your digestive tract, essential for proper digestion, absorption of nutrients, immune function and ultimately optimum well-being.
You will therefore not be eating any grains or dairy foods, with the exception of clarified butter or ghee, which is considered a healthy fat. You will be eating tasty, well presented meals comprising healthy, healing proteins, fats, certain pulses, a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts at prescribed mealtimes.

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Intermittent Fasting

Cutting edge, scientific research is applied to trigger your body, including your neurological processes in the brain, to heal and regenerate on a cellular level through the intermittent fasting protocol.
Intermittent fasting entails 2 days of calorie restriction. You will do this on the Friday and Monday of your 7 night stay when you will have no breakfast, only fluids. You will then have a hearty, nourishing lunch that will see you through until breakfast the following day. Suitable drinks and tonics will be provided to ease you through the process, with bone broth provided in the evening.

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The 10 Principles of the Plan

  • Although it’s still a science in its infancy, we know that digestive health is dependent on healthy gut bacteria, with as much as 85% of immunity affected by it. Creating healthy gut flora is at the heart of the Plan.
  • Eating fermented foods regularly is integral to sustaining healthy gut bacteria. The Plan focuses on fermented vegetables, which are packed with healthy probiotics and prebiotics (non-digestible fibre)
  • On the Plan, we eliminate grains, most pulses and some vegetables, depending on their molecular structure and how they are physiologically broken down. This is why dairy is omitted – the lactose molecule is too complex for a resting digestive system
  • We encourage you to eat healthy fats every day for nourishment and their anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Good-quality protein is essential to each meal, with animal proteins preferable to vegetable ones, as they are easier for the body to break down and utilize.
  • Meats should preferably be from organic, grass-fed livestock which is high in anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids and less likely to contain antibiotics that are detrimental to beneficial micro-organisms in the gut.
  • Fruit and vegetables should be organic where possible to avoid the antibacterial sprays and pesticides that are so harmful to the gut.
  • Always blanch vegetables for eating in salads. The blanching partially deconstructs the cellulose structure and makes it easier for the gut to extract the nutrients.
  • Ensure that all the permitted nuts, seeds and pulses are soaked for 24 hours prior to cooking. This eliminates enzyme inhibitors that can weaken the digestive function.
  • Avoid alcohol while you are on the Plan as this is an anti-inflammatory programme and alcohol affects inflammation in the same way that pouring petrol onto flames affects a fire.

Monitoring & Support

There is a huge emphasis on education throughout the week. Daily lectures will explain the science and logic behind the eating programme.
During lunch with our specialists, we will explain symptoms that may be experienced and various changes that can be expected as health improves. If necessary we can refer to specific therapists or practitioners, or recommend appropriate treatments with specialist services if required such as; NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Cranial Osteopathy and Emotional Freedom Technique.

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